In Italy, the real deal is art

Art is free and culture is a long time investment.

I’ve been lucky enough, as an artist, as a person, to be raised on a place where art is culture and culture is still part of our social welfare.

There is so much history and art beauty that we can let anyone to have a piece of it,

it does not matter if you don’t cash this, art is free and culture is a long time investment 

So when I have the chance to exhibit into a 400 years old villa’s painted room on a small town upper north with other great contemporary artists those walls speak to me and they show me another little piece of my great country history and they teach me that beauty has no fear of time.

It will not make any sense what I am doing right now maybe but the meaning is to leave, something behind, something that will educate people to seek and to search, deep inside them, the fine taste for art that can be shared with anyone, for free, as a joy for your eyes, your brain, your soul.

It does not matter where you come from, beauty is a balance that keep the word a magic place to be.

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