Art is relief

When I got back in Italy after the LA years, I was so done with art, with the commitment art required, I simply give it up and I want to get my chance to live a simple and normal life.

I was tired of giving all I had for the magic of creativity so I quit any art activity for almost 8 years but art is a pretentious girlfriend that won’t let you go just like that.

Then one day, I was staring at those beautiful chairs me and my wife just bought as I was reading a book on post-impressionism painters, grabbed the chair up to my studio and have it standing in front of one of my first painting, a copy of “man with pipe” of the great Cezanne.

What’s happened next was none of my business, when you are happy you are just happy of feeling that good, no need of wondering how or why.

Every spatula stroke was supposed to get exactly where it went, I was not in charge of anything right there, the need of art push it for me, my soul guided my arms, the hearth saw through my eyes. It was pure desire and let me tell you, I haven’t feel so good in such a long time.

Art will save you from losing it, share this passion and hope that it will last long enough to be joy for the soul of somebody that was just looking for that moment to come.

2016-05-28 21.22.22
gianluca dal bianco


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