Venice bitch 

Venice is always a classic and trust me, Venice is a bitch, always one of the hardest city to get down on a painting. I am just lucky to live an hour away from it, lucky enough to get it right sometimes – Julie Kilgallon hope you enjoy the view on your walls. 


  1. I like your art more and more Gianluca. And… surprise surprise…I found your words very round and meaningful…I mean…I like you way of writing as well!! You are a complete artist: music, words, painting. That’s how it should be!
    Congratulations my friend! It doesn’t surprise me my son loves you so much!! 😉

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    1. Your dad’s painting moved something inside me every time I’ve seen them being [those paintings] very inspirational to me. That’s the magic of art, it will speaks to other people for you, even when you are gone. Thanks for the nice words, you left me speechless. Me and Anna we’ll always be there for you Raffaella, we are a family. ❤️


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