The Making of a DIY Catalogue 

As a punk rocker I always believe that if you do it your own you will most likely get it done the way you want it. These days we also have a lot of high tech helping us out so I decided to get my own first catalogue done with a smartphone, tape, a old computer with some fake license and a black marker.

1) First of all, become a graphic designer, swear a lot drinking black coffee.


2) Put some notes as if it was 1996 amd you are getting done your first show punk rock flyer


3) Get a midget version of it and try not to lose your brain over it.

4) Find the cash to get it printed-

This will be the hardest part, in the meantime please dowload my first artshow book, the picture are by my beautiful wife, the location is simply iconic.

Get it here on the new download page of the website.

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