World War III?

Back in 2014 I wanted to pay tribute to the victim of war in occasion of the First World War Centenary so I started working on a picture I found online of soldiers at the front.

The more I got to work on it, the more I got into shaping faces, lights and characters of a pack of tired soldiers emerged out of an old dark faded picture to remind me that those who died on front where young men, with hopes, dreams and fears.

Young guys pictured while reading letters, smoking cigarettes or simply waiting their turn to die just put an end to a cold misery under the shade of man greediness and stupidity.

Look at the picture, you will find the face of your best friend on it.


They were same as us they just died way too young, way too soon.

I personally did everything I could to avoid the mandatory call to the army when it was my time, I was born free in a free country, hard to sacrifice or to committee into a government but as I said, I was lucky enough to be born on the right place, at the right time in history.

Forget the value and the nobility of the war, in a world where wealth and resources from our planet could be enough for all of us to live-in peace and in freedom, a third world war seems really awkward, anachronistic and unnecessary on September 6th, 2017

Are we really still that stupid?




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