45k visitors to sell zero!

  • Fourty five thousands visitors at Paratissima 2017
  • 500 Artists
  • 32.767 likes on facebook
  • 15 Art Galleries
  • 0 out of 3 Painting sold
  • 1 didn’t even made it out the storage room

I still think that mine’s look pretty sick.

Next year I’ll buy myself out

Please forgive this post, it’s Friday – Beside all I thank Elisa at Galleria Berga for taking me to the 2017 G@P at Paratissima





  1. I keep thinking you’re a WONDERFUL artist Gian!!!!
    And I like your artistic line more and more… Your colours, your lines, your subjects…everything is deep, full of life and emotions. Your soul and experience come out of them. You only need that special lucky moment in life ….when someone intelligent…the right person at the right place, sees a masterpiece of yours and makes the right choise.! KEEP GOING!! Someone told “Art for art’s sake”…


    1. Thank you Raffi,
      having friends like you make everything special
      it is always 50% skills, 50% luck 🙂
      I will battle ’till the end giving all I have.
      I am old school, we were not educated to compromise.


      1. That’s it Gian!!
        And I will be supporting you ’till the end. I tell you more…When I’ll have enough money to spend in what I like more than what I need … I’ll become one of your best buyers!!! 😉

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