Bye bye Aquila!

It has been quite a journey. Goodbye friends and colleague.

What’s left behind it’s a lot and we’ve done it in less than 5 years!


  • There are kids all over the world by now approching music because of the KIDS project. If my job did have any meaning, it’s in here. This is my legacy to troubled kids will find relief, hopefully, in music educational programs.


  • if you have to get an artist that represent your company make sure you’ll get the nicest one, Aldrine Guerrero and the AGxAQ Aquila’s first signature sets


  • MARTIN & CO it is good to be ambitious, if you target high goals sometimes you might reach them. Top brand on Classical & Acustical guitar and Ukulele
  • IBANEZ my first co-branding for Aquila. A musician dream came true
  • ADMIRA Top European brand on Classical Guitar
  • ORTEGA another great European player on the acustical instrument mania
  • CORDOBA a great distribution partnership also turn out on an innovative project for short scale classical guitars that has been made possible by us
  • ACHA because Charango is the next Ukulele we secured the top name on South American luthiers on our field
  • BLACK SMITH one of the strongest strings maker in Korea
  • AYOAMA HARPS we established our company also as a top Harp String Maker with a Japanese’ heritage
  • I would love to thanks: Mike Upton, Ryan, Sean, Dave, Joy at Kala, Kevin, Geraint, Kevin and Gareth at Sutherland, Manuel, Gil, Lilla, Sharina at Coast Music, Michelle, Don, Dave and Richard at Saga, Eric at Softvoice, Brandon at Strings & Beyond, JT, Tim, Ben, Lauren, Jason and Naomi at Cordoba Music Group, Albert, Amanda and Tim at Martin, Hans Peter, Florence, Peggy, Philipp and Owe at Warwick, Rosario at Enrique Keller, Shinji at Hosco, Ishi Ishigami at Hoshino Gakki, Tiffany at Korg, Jessica at GITC, Miho at iMusic, Aldrine Guerrero and everybody at Ukulele Underground, Ref, Greg and Tanya at Strings Letter, Mike Crowell, all the new South American friends Juan & Angelina, Andres & Cesar, Chris and his brother Adrian, Lynette Colosimo, Francesco Albertazzi, Gerge, Jody & Jordy and the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, Corey at UKC, Sam, David, Cj and JJ at Team int and the many more that cross path with me during the past 4 years. Thanks to you all. I will carry with me for a long time.

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