Keep it real and support an underground artist + an underground book label. 

copertina catalogo gianluca dal bianco

So I am turning 41 y.o and this is my dream. Screw the Bansky’s cheap tricks, I’ll give you valuable paper to be shredded 

Get your copy first!

Get your copy of my first art catalogue – The catalogue made of 48 pages collect the best selection of my 2014 – 2015 paintings selected by the Master Romano Lotto.



I worked on this book since 2016 collecting all the creepy pictures I’ve been taking with my smartphone.

I’ve done over 100 paintings between 2014 and 2015Some were good, some were not so the artworks selection has been made by the great Romano Lotto in the magical Venetian atmosphere between a coffee, a walk and a visit to the Ca’ Pesaro museum  on a warm September afternoon. 

Romano is a maestro that truly inspired me when I first approached spatula and colors.

Once the book was finished, I have to find a punk way to get it out

Aletheia Editore is a non profit editor that is also run by Federico Faccioli, a guy I met back in 1994 while we were both hanging out into the wild underground punk scene, is releasing and distributing the catalog through some of the most important bookshop store and platform (Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Amazon)

Keep it real and support an underground artist and an underground book label.

I am actually not in need of any support as I am living quit successfully but I’ve been living under the Californian sun for so many years that I have to share this with you.

2017-11-05 08.50.27

Buy a signed copy now and you will get it at €uro 15 instead of €uro 25 for the black & white edition or €uro 49 instead of €uro 99 for the colored print edition

The first 10 people will buy it will get an original artwork from the limited series of my ink on paper twenty by twenty 


A timeless, cheap and a stylish Artbook that will make you look smart and sophisticated even if your are not 




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