Fridays For Future From a real sick area (Vicenza, city of Palladio)

I got blessed, I was born in the Palladian villa’s town surronded by the Italian’s prealps

What a beauty!

I also live in one of the most air polluted area of the entire planet

There are days when we can’t even see through the poison dust (mattino d’inverno)

mattino d'inverno edited
mattino d’inverno, acrilico su tela cm. 70×30

I’ve never seen thunderstom as I’ve seen in the past few years (temporale d’estate)

temporale d’estate – Acrylics on canvas cm. 70×30

Things are changing and not for good, I am painting it because I am living it, every day

primavera edited

Let’s give the kids some hope, let’s leave them a brighter future-

Give ’em a hand for the cause

sole d'inverno
x sole d’inverno, acrilico su tela cm 70×30

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