LA [punk] Blues

While I was in LA, and that was before I moved back in a ghost town up North of Italy, I got the chance to get tied up with Michael Todd Bishop aka Sickboy Todd, formerly Swamp Boogie Queen guitar player, in a few hopeless musical project, in the name of Rock!

what did you do up at 3:38 in the morning?

One of the wildest [project] has been for shure our De Loryan band with Abi Gail Lenz, the original lead singer from Swamp Boogie Queen, Argentinian rock n roll heroes Seby and Sabby from LA’s sleazy rock band “Liars n Cheat” on bass and drums and of course me and Todd on Guitar.

first promo shoot of the band with Durban on bass

We rocked, we rocked so hard clubs usually booked us playing only after 2 am in the morning or studio got us in recording for the midnight – six am shift.

Our only demo, recorded from midnight to 6 am at the MI studios in Hollywood is available on a Google drive folder here 

the final line up, hanging and stranding, with Saby on bass

Once somebody also had the brillant idea to have us playing for the MI‘s student of Hollywood on Sunday Morning. That last until they realized that they couldn’t handle Abi energy on stage and we got thrown out.

the MI stage on Hollywood

All we had recorded live is a late night show at the GIG on Melrose, probably another 2 am in the morning show, edited from my old computer office just before I quit the office job.

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