i Melt 7/12/2019 al Groove: Sabato sera non è andata benissimo

E' stato semplicemente strepitoso https://videopress.com/v/nYNALFtr?preloadContent=metadata E' un freddo sabato sera del 1996, il 7 Dicembre del 1996 era un sabato. Io, Vince e Teo prendiamo le nostre vespe e ci dirigiamo al Groove (che nel 1996 non esisteva ma la nostra macchina del tempo fa i capricci) e capiamo da subito che ad aspettarci ci [...]

Fridays For Future From a real sick area (Vicenza, city of Palladio)

I got blessed, I was born in the Palladian villa's town surronded by the Italian's prealps What a beauty! I also live in one of the most air polluted area of the entire planetThere are days when we can't even see through the poison dust (mattino d'inverno) I've never seen thunderstom as I've seen in [...]

Artbook available

Screw all your crowdfunding begging for a buck - I am a punk kid! I printed it by my own, I am keeping it free by working hard eight days a week - finding cash ain't a problem The first limited edition of my art book is finally here - things are changing but in [...]

L’Arte del fare musica nell’Arte del dipingere

Gianluca Dal Bianco nasce a Thiene nel 1977 e gira il mondo. Partito per gli US come musicista rimane per lungo  tempo a Los Angeles, città che coglie in numerosi frammenti pittorici, e continua a viaggiare tra America ed Europa. Con grandissime doti di autodidatta, è tuttavia vicino per un periodo alla scuola di Mariella Scandola. Trasforma, in sorta di continuità [...]

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copertina catalogo gianluca dal bianco

So I am turning 41 y.o and this is my dream. Screw the Bansky's cheap tricks, I'll give you valuable paper to be shredded    https://youtu.be/mGKoyicJzsE I worked on this book since 2016 collecting all the creepy pictures I've been taking with my smartphone. I've done over 100 paintings between 2014 and 2015 -Some were good, some were [...]

Art gallery sucks

It is not a matter of selling for a living. I have a day job that let me sell what I want to who I want to There is any better place for my painting than a friend's house, just on the top of a stereo. Grazie Tommaso and thank you art gallery for having [...]

It’s an overpopulated world


It’s officially overcrowded fellas planet earth has never been so packed It’s our turn to bring kindness and respect Be gentle 77g

Italian summer heat

I am burned out, I can't paint any longer but I got hope This curch was build between 1774  and 1776 d.c. Still gorgeous, still standing I love this one because you can feel the summer heat of it