27 maggio – 11 giugno: collettiva a Modena con tele inedite anni 2016 – 2018

Sabato 27 maggio presso Condotto Spazio Arte esporrò all'interno della galleria, piccoli tesori, preziosi dipinti di tessere di mondo ho impresse negli occhi prima e nella tela poi. E' un viaggio tra Italia e USA attraverso spatole e pennelli. La pittura è un' arte anacronistica e senza più senso oggigiorno che mi regala però di [...]

Art gallery sucks

It is not a matter of selling for a living. I have a day job that let me sell what I want to who I want to There is any better place for my painting than a friend's house, just on the top of a stereo. Grazie Tommaso and thank you art gallery for having [...]

Stroke again into another Saatchi Art Collection

As one day I am going to quit, the day after people bring me back to work harder. Thanks Victoria Kennedy for including my painting on the "In celebration of Manet" collections with other 50 top modern painters. Check it out! on Saatchi Art 

45k visitors to sell zero!

Fourty five thousands visitors at Paratissima 2017 500 Artists 32.767 likes on facebook 15 Art Galleries 0 out of 3 Painting sold 1 didn't even made it out the storage room I still think that mine's look pretty sick. Next year I'll buy myself out Please forgive this post, it's Friday - Beside all I [...]

Pick of the week on Saatchi Art

Me and Milla, the wifey's dog, made it big! We are  Saatchi Art's pick of the week as one of the 74 artists have been chosen by Rebecca Wilson who is  Chief Curator and Director, Art Advisory at saatchiart.com Hurray for Milla!, the meanest dog I've never had, caught on camera by my wife while chilling with [...]

Do we really need more art?

I do, I personally need it. I need to get to the end of the day to catch the magic of a sunset right before the warm summer lights cool off to wait again, impatient, for a new sunrise to come I need to catch the magic of the dark side of a landscape to [...]

The Making of a DIY Catalogue 

As a punk rocker I always believe that if you do it your own you will most likely get it done the way you want it. These days we also have a lot of high tech helping us out so I decided to get my own first catalogue done with a smartphone, tape, a old [...]

Art is relief

When I got back in Italy after the LA years, I was so done with art, with the commitment art required, I simply give it up and I want to get my chance to live a simple and normal life. I was tired of giving all I had for the magic of creativity so I [...]