It’s an overpopulated world


It’s officially overcrowded fellas planet earth has never been so packed It’s our turn to bring kindness and respect Be gentle 77g

I wish you all a great summer out there

Especially to the ones that are picking up on immigrants as we all know, immigrants have no vote. Enjoy the sea

I am off the Facebook

I knew it was over when I saw uncle Tony having his own account This social media deal is feed with miserable thoughts, anger, cosmic ego They let you free as they found out you are too stupid to be smart with it. We are all data for sale. Come and find me if you [...]

War in Syria

Most of the time, a war, is the only way left to impose democracy. Democracy is a open market where foreigner company can make big cash - despite the loss of life. Syrian people will struggle to raise back up after all as a stronger nation. American will get more cash flow while you've been [...]

New “ink on paper” gallery

I love drawing, I always did. I simply started with a marker and a pen. A cheap one too you can find everywhere. I just selected a nice paper. I did a series of 40 drawings size 20 by 20. I am getting 40 y.o this years and I want to carry those 40 pieces [...]

Art is relief

When I got back in Italy after the LA years, I was so done with art, with the commitment art required, I simply give it up and I want to get my chance to live a simple and normal life. I was tired of giving all I had for the magic of creativity so I [...]

In Italy, the real deal is art

Art is free and culture is a long time investment. I've been lucky enough, as an artist, as a person, to be raised on a place where art is culture and culture is still part of our social welfare. There is so much history and art beauty that we can let anyone to have a piece [...]