1992 demo from i Melt free download

I know it does have nothing to do with painting but I see music and painting as a way to communicate feelings and emotions and music has been a great part of my life. At the age of 16 that's what I found was the best way to stand up for - playing drums for [...]

In Italy, the real deal is art

Art is free and culture is a long time investment. I've been lucky enough, as an artist, as a person, to be raised on a place where art is culture and culture is still part of our social welfare. There is so much history and art beauty that we can let anyone to have a piece [...]

8 days a week

I've been silent for the past 9 years but that didn't mean I give it up, my heart is still burning, art is still flowing. There is a whole new world I am discovering with the painting and it just need you to see the beauty surrounds us, it's a daily exercise.

40 years of punk art

I finally got it! This is my new website where I'll be collecting all the music and arts have been my companions for the past 40 years.