2014 – 2015 Art Book available on pre-order

Hurry up! Don’t be poor. Get it for only 10 €uro

Support an underground dog & keep it real 

It has been quite a journey The making of a DIY catalogue – I’ve been struggling to get it released but, right in time for my 41st birthday I finally found a publisher for this 48 pages color printed artbook

Aletheia editore that is also run by Federico Faccioli, a guy I met back in 1994 while we were both hanging out into the wild underground punk scene, is releasing and distributing the catalog through some of the most important bookshop store and platform (Mondadori, Feltrinelli, Amazon).

It is a cheap, timeless and stylish gift

The artworks selection has been made by the great Romano Lotto in the magical Venetian atmosphere between a coffee, a walk and a visit to the Ca’ Pesaro museum –

Chatting about art, finding the meaning of colors and lines on a September chill afternoon

Romano is a maestro that truly inspired me when I first approached spatula and colors.

Pre-order the catalogue with crowdfunding and you will get the first copies at a real special price of €uro 10 instead of € 19 each