2014 – 2015 Gianluca Dal Bianco’s Art Book is now available

Hurry up! Don’t be poor

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Get your copy of my first art catalogue – The catalogue made of 48 pages collect the best selection of my 2014 – 2015 paintings selected by the Master Romano Lotto.


It has been quite a journey The making of a DIY catalogue – I’ve been struggling to get it released but the artbook has finally arrived

It is a cheap, timeless and stylish gift

The artworks selection has been made by the great Romano Lotto in the magical Venetian atmosphere between a coffee, a walk and a visit to the Ca’ Pesaro museum –

Chatting about art, finding the meaning of colors and lines on a September chill afternoon

Romano is a maestro that truly inspired me when I first approached spatula and colors.

Gets your digital copy HERE