i Melt

1992 – 2003 italian punk rock

Vince, Teo, Gian – a brotherhood that took three wild brats touring from squats to clubs all around Italy and around Europe in the ’90

60 gigs a year, 4 records as a drummer, 24 songs on a 40 minutes set.

Melt_-_Bravi_Ragazzi-back793695_4268804847229_398886244_oBravi Ragazzi (ex melt) reunion, Csa Arcadia Schio 2013


1996 i Melt “Demo” – Derotten Records – first demo in English produced and recorded by Seby and Mendez from Italian legendary punk rock band Derozer

1997 i Melt “Bravi Ragazzi” self released – 1 day recording session for most the best “i Melt” record ever

1999 i Melt “Sempre più distanti” Kob Records – the last record with Vince in the band – We should have had stop here

2003 i Melt “Specchio” Derotten Records – produced by Giorgio Canali  (CCCP fedeli alla lineaCSIPGR) with special guest Davide Toffolo from “Tre allegri ragazzi morti” and Giorgio Canali