i Melt

1992 – 2003 italian punk rock

Vince, Teo, Gian – a brotherhood that took three wild brats touring from squats to clubs all around Italy and around Europe in the ’90

60 gigs a year, 4 records as a drummer, 24 songs on a 40 minutes set.

Melt_-_Bravi_Ragazzi-back793695_4268804847229_398886244_oBravi Ragazzi (ex melt) reunion, Csa Arcadia Schio 2013


1996 i Melt “Demo” – Derotten Records – first demo in English produced and recorded by Seby and Mendez from Italian legendary punk rock band Derozer

1997 i Melt “Bravi Ragazzi” self released – 1 day recording session for most the best “i Melt” record ever

1999 i Melt “Sempre più distanti” Kob Records – the last record with Vince in the band – We should have had stop here

2003 i Melt “Specchio” Derotten Records – produced by Giorgio Canali  (CCCP fedeli alla lineaCSIPGR) with special guest Davide Toffolo from “Tre allegri ragazzi morti” and Giorgio Canali

The coolness of our era and the Vicenza Underground culture is into the Massimo Fagarazzi‘s new book “Il Tempo Brucia Le Tappe

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