World War III?

Back in 2014 I wanted to pay tribute to the victim of war in occasion of the First World War Centenary so I started working on a picture I found online of soldiers at the front. The more I got to work on it, the more I got into shaping faces, lights and characters of [...]

Do we really need more art?

I do, I personally need it. I need to get to the end of the day to catch the magic of a sunset right before the warm summer lights cool off to wait again, impatient, for a new sunrise to come I need to catch the magic of the dark side of a landscape to [...]

New “ink on paper” gallery

I love drawing, I always did. I simply started with a marker and a pen. A cheap one too you can find everywhere. I just selected a nice paper. I did a series of 40 drawings size 20 by 20. I am getting 40 y.o this years and I want to carry those 40 pieces [...]

The Making of a DIY Catalogue 

As a punk rocker I always believe that if you do it your own you will most likely get it done the way you want it. These days we also have a lot of high tech helping us out so I decided to get my own first catalogue done with a smartphone, tape, a old [...]

Hollywood walk of lame

I think Hollywood is all in there, on the background a historical landmark like Musso & Frank Grill, another Mexican* restaurant that still stands there despite the Trump Wall, the Hollywood Boulevard Corporate restyling and the American culture assassination. Lights are crazy so is LA, a lot of sunlight meets the darkest night. Then you [...]

Venice bitch 

Venice is always a classic and trust me, Venice is a bitch, always one of the hardest city to get down on a painting. I am just lucky to live an hour away from it, lucky enough to get it right sometimes - Julie Kilgallon hope you enjoy the view on your walls. 

Art is relief

When I got back in Italy after the LA years, I was so done with art, with the commitment art required, I simply give it up and I want to get my chance to live a simple and normal life. I was tired of giving all I had for the magic of creativity so I [...]