The Making of a DIY Catalogue 

As a punk rocker I always believe that if you do it your own you will most likely get it done the way you want it. These days we also have a lot of high tech helping us out so I decided to get my own first catalogue done with a smartphone, tape, a old [...]

Hollywood walk of lame

I think Hollywood is all in there, on the background a historical landmark like Musso & Frank Grill, another Mexican* restaurant that still stands there despite the Trump Wall, the Hollywood Boulevard Corporate restyling and the American culture assassination. Lights are crazy so is LA, a lot of sunlight meets the darkest night. Then you [...]

Venice bitch 

Venice is always a classic and trust me, Venice is a bitch, always one of the hardest city to get down on a painting. I am just lucky to live an hour away from it, lucky enough to get it right sometimes - Julie Kilgallon hope you enjoy the view on your walls. 

Art is relief

When I got back in Italy after the LA years, I was so done with art, with the commitment art required, I simply give it up and I want to get my chance to live a simple and normal life. I was tired of giving all I had for the magic of creativity so I [...]

In Italy, the real deal is art

Art is free and culture is a long time investment. I've been lucky enough, as an artist, as a person, to be raised on a place where art is culture and culture is still part of our social welfare. There is so much history and art beauty that we can let anyone to have a piece [...]

what a lovely mess!

My studio is turning into chaos but we do love chaos right? I'll be exhibiting this coming Saturday in the beatiful village of Zugliano with great italian painters that has been selected from last year contest in Zugliano; Murer Cirillo  Meneguzzo Giovanni Bortolazzo Enrico Gregori Francesca Sartori Gilberto I am preparing paintings out of 3 [...]

online gallery

We are having a few days off in Italy for National Holidays so there is all the time to check the new GALLERIA page. Here I will upload paintings I've done since 2014 while I am preparing the first 2014-2016 catalogue that will be released shortly. Still love the print on paper better. Still love [...]