Galleria Berga, May 27th 2016


IMG_7070IMG_7073IMG_7074IMG_7075IMG_7084IMG_7087IMG_7089IMG_7090 - CopiaIMG_7091IMG_7093IMG_7095IMG_7096IMG_7097IMG_7099IMG_7104IMG_7107IMG_7108IMG_7121IMG_7125

It has been an honor to host my second ever art exhibition at Galleria Berga, Vicenza, opening the Vernissage of the great Fluxus‘ artist Giuseppe Chiari

Great night of great music with the Barbarella’s rock n roll dj set, Florio Pozza live set and plenty of nice people showing up.

Just to mention a few, the wild side of Seby from Derozer because I am where I am and it is also his fault, Morgan Palmas from, sister, wife and all the people that matters.

thanks to my lovely wife for being the one behind the camera on these shoots

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