A painting chronicle [Lights and shades down on Wilcox Ave].

Every paint has its own story behind, there's a lot of life into any of it. The building on the right side is the World Famous Lido Apt. on Wilcox Avenue, Hollywood, a place I used to live and share with Emma, Shelley, Vicky and whoever was coming back then to stay over with us [...]

Ring of fire

It has been pure love since the time I met her  Yep, the kid on the picture is the youngest version of me Painting just got to my vein just a few years ago and it has been a fun ride since then but I found out that it's a nice hobby for retired people [...]

45k visitors to sell zero!

Fourty five thousands visitors at Paratissima 2017 500 Artists 32.767 likes on facebook 15 Art Galleries 0 out of 3 Painting sold 1 didn't even made it out the storage room I still think that mine's look pretty sick. Next year I'll buy myself out Please forgive this post, it's Friday - Beside all I [...]

October 19th 1977 – 2017

I am turning 40 today Happy B-day to me and have a drink on me tonight Everything has to be written still, this is just the beginning Love, Gian

Pick of the week on Saatchi Art

Me and Milla, the wifey's dog, made it big! We are  Saatchi Art's pick of the week as one of the 74 artists have been chosen by Rebecca Wilson who is  Chief Curator and Director, Art Advisory at saatchiart.com Hurray for Milla!, the meanest dog I've never had, caught on camera by my wife while chilling with [...]

1992 demo from i Melt free download

I know it does have nothing to do with painting but I see music and painting as a way to communicate feelings and emotions and music has been a great part of my life. At the age of 16 that's what I found was the best way to stand up for - playing drums for [...]

Do we really need more art?

I do, I personally need it. I need to get to the end of the day to catch the magic of a sunset right before the warm summer lights cool off to wait again, impatient, for a new sunrise to come I need to catch the magic of the dark side of a landscape to [...]

New “ink on paper” gallery

I love drawing, I always did. I simply started with a marker and a pen. A cheap one too you can find everywhere. I just selected a nice paper. I did a series of 40 drawings size 20 by 20. I am getting 40 y.o this years and I want to carry those 40 pieces [...]