Il 2022 è un anno bello anzi bellissimo, tante cose stanno tornando, come i concerti e i festival. Torniamo anche noi, io, Teo e Vince (i Melt) a riproporre i brani di "Bravi Ragazzi" e "Sempre più Distanti". Questa volta sul palco del CS Rivolta, lo conosciamo bene il centro sociale di Venezia. Ci siamo [...]

LA [punk] Blues

While I was in LA, and that was before I moved back in a ghost town up North of Italy, I got the chance to get tied up with Michael Todd Bishop aka Sickboy Todd, formerly Swamp Boogie Queen guitar player, in a few hopeless musical project, in the name of Rock! what did you [...]

Sosteniamo il Centro Stabile di Cultura

Nel ’94 ero quello in bianco e nero, il 28 Maggio del 2020 ho ritrovato l’essere sapientemente maturato alla sua sinistra. Anche il CSC col tempo è diventato grande, rimanendo fedele a se stesso, cambiano le forme ma non lo spirito e la matrice anticonformista che lo contraddistinguono. Il CSC nei tardi anni '90 era [...]

Ring of fire

It has been pure love since the time I met her  Yep, the kid on the picture is the youngest version of me Painting just got to my vein just a few years ago and it has been a fun ride since then but I found out that it's a nice hobby for retired people [...]

Italian summer heat

I am burned out, I can't paint any longer but I got hope This curch was build between 1774  and 1776 d.c. Still gorgeous, still standing I love this one because you can feel the summer heat of it

I wish you all a great summer out there

Especially to the ones that are picking up on immigrants as we all know, immigrants have no vote. Enjoy the sea

I am off the Facebook

I knew it was over when I saw uncle Tony having his own account This social media deal is feed with miserable thoughts, anger, cosmic ego They let you free as they found out you are too stupid to be smart with it. We are all data for sale. Come and find me if you [...]

The Gian Jazz Band

I didn’t quit with painting, I just fell in love with drum again, back to school and trying to come back with a project will get everybody dancing! if you are a jazz musician and want to join me drop me a line this project needs no guitar