Hollywood walk of lame

I think Hollywood is all in there, on the background a historical landmark like Musso & Frank Grill, another Mexican* restaurant that still stands there despite the Trump Wall, the Hollywood Boulevard Corporate restyling and the American culture assassination.

Lights are crazy so is LA, a lot of sunlight meets the darkest night.

Then you have on the lowest part the walk of fame with his iconic stars.

There is a bum standing on the sidewalk with booze underarms, he is famous as the homeless with no hands.

He should have his own start. If he will he could, you just need to pay for it.

That’s America, baby. I got mine too on Sunset strip.


* Even if Musso & Frank Grill is not a Mexican Restaurant, in LA most of the restaurants offer you just Mexican Cuisine with sometime, an American, Italian or French flavour simply for marketing purposes.


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