1992 demo from i Melt free download

I know it does have nothing to do with painting but I see music and painting as a way to communicate feelings and emotions and music has been a great part of my life.

At the age of 16 that’s what I found was the best way to stand up for – playing drums for a punk rock band and taking care of the band artworks

We were young and wild and it all had have still to be written – The demo has been recorded on a 4 tracks by Seby and Mendez from legendary Italian punk band Derozer

Download it for free, feel free to rip it. Playing is for real even when it’s bad, no overlap neither protool editing. Recording back then was like taking a Polaroid. You’ll get what you’ll get on that moment. That’s it

We barely speak to each other these days but man, we had a blast together – sometime I just love looking back at old pictures


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